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We are a live music venue in Fayetteville, Arkansas. We are located at 402 West Dickson Street our zipcode is 72101 and you should come see our shows. It's exciting! SO GET EXCITED! And follow us on twitter for specials and updates! LETS GO ROGUE!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Hey ya'll. What's up? It's patio season!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I could do that all day. Exclamation points about the most exciting time of the year for me; PATIO WEATHER. It's so nice! I sit outside and do my work sometimes, it's just lovely. We've only had a few shows outside so far, but I tell you, it reminds me of being on the beach. Just get a LIT and you're good to go! Especially with this lovely breeze.

So we have a lot of local stuff happening right now. The only big national shows are The Dirt Daubers, on Friday, with Motortrain, & destry with Communipaw May 28. The Dirt Daubers feature JD from TH' Legendary Shack*Shakers with his wife Jessica. Motortrain is a new rock and roll band kinda new to town. Destry has Michelle from Straylight Run & Tyler from Cassino/Northstar. Those are some pretty amazing bands they used to be in and this new one DOES NOT DISAPPOINT! I highly recommend you fall in love with them, then come see them, because they are the next big thing. Promise. Then of course AN HORSE!!! May 20th. THey are matt-and-kim-esque duo from Australia.

It's not a lot, but it's somethin' & I'm trying. I'm having a hard time figuring out what you people want! I'm trying to do something new, so again, feel free to message me and tell me what you and your friends are into. I promise I take it into consideration. It's also hard for us, while we are still a baby venue, to pull off losses on bigger shows. I find that people really don't like to pay for music around here, so it's hard to do the right thing. TELL ME WHAT YOU WANT SO I CAN GIVE IT TO YOU!

I updated the calendar. Come talk to me....littlerockhaley@gmail.com. I want to know your plans.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011


So April 1st we have INGRAM HILL. Hope you all can come. It's $10 adv. $12 day of show, you can get tickets from arkansaslivemusic.com of course!

Jarris & No Name Kicker are opening up! It's gonna be a super awesome night for sure!

Here is the calendar!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


That was a long month! At ROGUE we had 26 shows in March. Obviously some of them are YET TO COME!

I wanted to make sure you guys know about INGRAM HILL on April 1st! Have you heard them? They are awesome, played georges a few times over the years. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this pop trio a whole lot!

New show announcements to be excited about!
AN HORSE- an Australian duo, very much modern indie pop. super fantastic.

CJ RAMONE of the fU$&NG RAMONES is coming July 21st

Wednesday, March 9, 2011


What a fantastic show! Heather, James Squared, & Noah were fantastic as usual. We had a monitor blow last night, so that kinda put a kink in things early on. Sound check, we had a little problem too, but Timmy got on top of it and the band knew what they were doing and it all worked out. They played their awesome music and everyone responded so well. Granted, we don't have a room full of people, even though we had a lot of press on this event, it was still so much fun and entertaining. Noiseletter Josh is about to play RIGHT NOW. I'm still excited, because this night hasn't ended yet.

Looking forward to the upcoming week of beautiful music. Unfortunately, we're down one already. Can't believe it's over.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Tonight we have DJ MIXX TENN on the 1's and 2's for a super fun party. its rainy outside, so come on in! NO COVER!!!

Upcoming SXSW shows are looking pretty awesome. Make sure you check out COLOUR REVOLT and YOUNG BUFFALO, happening this Saturday.

Tomorrow, we have THE SPRING STANDARDS,w. NOISELETTER, & CARTER SAMPSON (EDIT: OOPS! I totally was talking to Carter about two shows at once & got them backwards!). This show is going to make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Great big fun.

Here Come The Mummies show still has tickets available & So does MATT WHITE & BRENDAN JAMES... you can find them at www.arkansaslivemusic.com

Here is the calendar, fully updated! Check it out!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Lookin good, Rogue people!

Tonight's show with Amy Lavere is still happening RIGHT NOW and it's going amazing. She looks beautiful and sounds even better. There is a decent little crowd here. Thank you Fayetteville for coming out to one of our first few shows in this direction. I wasn't sure if we could pull of $6 on a Wednesday night but we did it! The band is happy & we were able to pay them what they deserve to be here. Please take notice of what we have going on & please come support us! Feel free to email me with anything you need to know about our shows or how to play here!
add us on facebook & twitter if you haven't! Big props to the Flyer for tweeting this event for us.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011


This Saturday we have the most talked about band in Arkansas, EKG!!! They are super super rad and happen to be our very good friends! This show is 18+ & starts earlyish, right at 9 on the dot! We will start with FREE MICAH then go into ATOM BOMB & LILO ESKIMO and then a little DREAMFAST!!!! THEN EKG w. some special guests. TO CLOSE THE NIGHT we have DJ MIX TENN playing old school dance hip hop. This is seriously going to be the party of the year. At least until we come up with something even better, but WHOA BABY it's gonna rock.

Check out www.myspace.com/dreamfast www.myspace.com/ekgmusic

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Let's Chat

So, I've been in Fayetteville for a month and a half now. It's pretty cool. I'm into it for sure. I think you guys have it figured out in the NWA. It was beautiful outside today. THEN! I casually check out THE FREE WEEKLY to see what's going on around town and guess what was inside the front page?! AN ARTICLE ABOUT ROGUE! It was super cool & made me feel really great. We need your support, for sure, to keep this thing going. Please feel free to email us your questions and comments rogueproductiongroup@gmail.com and I'd be happy to answer anything or take suggestions! Please click the arrows and you can see all the upcoming events at Rogue. FOLLOW US ON TWITTER, TOO! I don't tweet too much and sometimes you get free stuff! It's pretty cool!

If you need tickets to our shows you can go to www.arkansaslivemusic.com, get them at the bar, or whatever. We will make you a presale ticket for ANY event you want! If you're a local band, you can get tickets to sell, too! Pretty rad.
Just let us know what you're thinkin' and we will listen.
See you around!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Welcome to our pseudo website!

As you can see below we have a calendar. To navigate, just click the little finger arrows. We have most shows posted but there are pending dates that we will post as soon as we can!
Do you want to play at Rogue? Email Haley Shelton (littlerockhaley@gmail.com) and tell her who you are and a link to your music & stuff.

Did you see we have twitter? PLEASE follow us! We will give drink specials, tickets, free cover passwords and lots of other things i've stolen from other clubs! WOOHOO! @letsgorogue is how you follow us. or www.twitter.com/letsgorogue

I will be posting information, videos, links, etc. for bands we have coming and then I will always post the calendar after in a new post so you can find it easily!

Thanks ya'll!