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We are a live music venue in Fayetteville, Arkansas. We are located at 402 West Dickson Street our zipcode is 72101 and you should come see our shows. It's exciting! SO GET EXCITED! And follow us on twitter for specials and updates! LETS GO ROGUE!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Let's Chat

So, I've been in Fayetteville for a month and a half now. It's pretty cool. I'm into it for sure. I think you guys have it figured out in the NWA. It was beautiful outside today. THEN! I casually check out THE FREE WEEKLY to see what's going on around town and guess what was inside the front page?! AN ARTICLE ABOUT ROGUE! It was super cool & made me feel really great. We need your support, for sure, to keep this thing going. Please feel free to email us your questions and comments rogueproductiongroup@gmail.com and I'd be happy to answer anything or take suggestions! Please click the arrows and you can see all the upcoming events at Rogue. FOLLOW US ON TWITTER, TOO! I don't tweet too much and sometimes you get free stuff! It's pretty cool!

If you need tickets to our shows you can go to www.arkansaslivemusic.com, get them at the bar, or whatever. We will make you a presale ticket for ANY event you want! If you're a local band, you can get tickets to sell, too! Pretty rad.
Just let us know what you're thinkin' and we will listen.
See you around!

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