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We are a live music venue in Fayetteville, Arkansas. We are located at 402 West Dickson Street our zipcode is 72101 and you should come see our shows. It's exciting! SO GET EXCITED! And follow us on twitter for specials and updates! LETS GO ROGUE!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011


What a fantastic show! Heather, James Squared, & Noah were fantastic as usual. We had a monitor blow last night, so that kinda put a kink in things early on. Sound check, we had a little problem too, but Timmy got on top of it and the band knew what they were doing and it all worked out. They played their awesome music and everyone responded so well. Granted, we don't have a room full of people, even though we had a lot of press on this event, it was still so much fun and entertaining. Noiseletter Josh is about to play RIGHT NOW. I'm still excited, because this night hasn't ended yet.

Looking forward to the upcoming week of beautiful music. Unfortunately, we're down one already. Can't believe it's over.

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